Hey me and super talented Indiana Jonas ( @IndianaJ0nas made a game in 72 hours!
Play it over HERE, hope you enjoy!





I have a cool update on a couple of the games I’m working on at the moment… but its weird…

Basically, BUSY BEE is now the CUTE FRUIT update that has so much stuff that it’s now a standalone own game! I really like the BUSY BEE theme and was working on all the update stuff from scratch and kept drawing bees is pretty much how it went down.

Heres the first ever gif of what is now BUSY BEE:

SO what happened to the game that was BUSY BEE? Well… that now has another thing going for it completely! It’s now called

and its my favourite thing to work on ever. Lots of stuff to be shown on twitter soon but heres a cheeky lizard for you :)))))


Also a massive thank you to everyone that signed up for play testing BUSY BEE (now THAT LIZARD STOLE MY LUNCH), I will be sending out builds as soon as I can I’m super excited AGHHHH

-a very good snake